Onision Google Results For a very long time now, drama has consumed the “Onision” search term in Google. Issues that have been dead for years are still discussed today.

Considering these search terms will likely not disappear anytime soon considering their popularity, I’ve chosen to respond to them here, summarizing what you may see if you actually do look them up.

“onision encyclopedia dramatica”
A collection of various accusations/negative statements about me from many different people who have never met me. I’ve provided a complete response to this page using evidence to invalidate their claims. However despite pointing out the overwhelming inaccuracies, it remains most entirely the same, proving how dishonest the people who post there are.

“onision wikipedia”
The “Onision” search term was actually banned from wikipedia several years ago as submissions were made repeatedly by different people, and wikipedia concluded I was not significant enough to have my own article at the time. I agree with their initial decision as I had around 1,000 subscribers then, which was far too common. Even now, wikipedia seems to be fore people who have millions of subs.

onision drama”
There are people who are very interested in the drama that occurs in my life, they tune in regularly to blogs, videos etc just to read about what may or may not actually occur in my life… it’s flattering and annoying at the same time.

“onision divorce”
I was divorced years ago, yet people keep bringing it up, thus I continue to respond in kind, clearing things up, again… and again. It would be nice to not have to think about my former relationships ever again, but, not everyone feels the same as I still get contacted about them regularly.

“onision shiloh”
I honestly don’t want to talk about it. This is the benefit of going by “Onision” instead of Gregory Jackson. Few know me by the name my mom gave me, and thus, privacy is not commonly a concern outside the creepy stalker blogs that exist.

“onision twitter”
Glad people are searching for something that isn’t grounds for appearing on Jerry Springer.

“onision facebook”
I have gotten in trouble on that site so many times. I started a “Haters United” page once as “Rod Danger”, and the page was removed shortly after it’s birth because bananas got upset that “Rod Danger” was hating on Onision… so ironic 🙂 Facebook has also nailed me for saying the “F” word (f*g) twice, and posting a picture of myself salivating in character. So strange.

“onision blog”
I’ve had so many of them, but hopefully I’ll stick with one for many years to come.

If you don’t like the search terms that show up, search more for other search terms like “Onision Hates Cats” or “Onision Anti-Christ” (surprised that’s not one already) otherwise, the “drama” will continue on a viewer-level for years to come.